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Business & Commercial Loans

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Whether you’re a big or small business, navigating through the various finance options and offers is often time consuming and not always an easy process. At WCG we help identify the need, work with the financers, assist with documentation and ensuring a smooth process all the way to settlement. Then you can focus on what’s really important, which is growing your business!

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans are usually short-term solutions that can assist businesses with large expenses. These loans do not require security but tend to have a higher interest rate. Typically they are used for:


• Settling outstanding tax debt
• Covering employees’ wages
• Managing Day to day expenses
• Paying outstanding bills


Loan amounts can be from $10,000 up to $150,000,
and both fixed or variable.

Secured Business Loans & Commercial Loans

Secured business & Commercial loans are when the business finance is secured by commercial or residential property.


Secured loans are generally for the purchase of a commercial property, or where the business is in need for regular funding requirements.



Trade & Debtor Finance


Managing cash flow in a business is necessary and, for many, the key to business survival. Trade finance and debtor finance can assist businesses with:


• Supplier Finance
• Import / Export
• Inventory Finance
• Invoice Finance


To discuss what finance is best suited for your business and industry, please give us a call on 0412 556 020 and we would be happy to help.